Someone Has Died Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
Last week on my Fav Five Kickstarters list I mentioned a party game called Someone Has Died. I've been watching it for a while now since the creators introduced it to me at the Indie-Mega Booth at Pax East last year. It's a quick, silly game of will arbitration. Andrew: Wait...the game's about whatnow? Jess: Stay with me here. I know the words "will arbitration" are not profoundly exciting, but I have never steered you wrong on lawyer games. Remember High Treason? Andrew: ...Objection withdrawn. In Someone Has Died, as you might suspect, someone has died and it is up to the estate keeper to decide on a worthy inheritor to claim the goods left behind. The game is composed of 4 decks of cards: identities (blue), relationships (orange), backstories (green), and objections (purple). When the game begins, one player will be selected to act as the estate keeper. The identities are ridiculous and give you an idea about the kind of people you are dealing with. (I don't want whatever