Starfinder is Selling Like Space Hot Cakes | Gameosity
Paizo released their newest system, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, at Gen Con recently and it sold-out pretty much immediately. This makes it the fastest-selling product in Paizo history. Within 6 hours of hitting the show floor, every copy of the futuristic sci-fi RPG had been purchased by excited players. Most of the Starfinder product line is now in back-order on and it is looking like they won't be able to restock until the end of October 2017. Fans are encouraged to check their friendly local game shops to purchase Starfinder as there are still books in distribution, and digital versions remain available on "The response to Starfinder has been truly incredible," says James Sutter, Starfinder's creative director. "From the fans on social media to distributors, from local game stores to the reviews, the enthusiasm for Starfinder has carried forward past Gen Con, and it's deeply gratifying to see so many people enjoying it!" Jess: I had really hoped to pick up a