Seikatsu Review | Gameosity
Jess: Seikatsu (生活) is a beautiful abstract game of harmonious gardening. Players work to build a shared garden between their 3 pagodas, but everyone is trying to make sure that their view of the garden is the most spectacular. The beginnings of the garden. Fairly spartan - we can do better. Andrew: Immediately, I just want to say that Seikatsu is an attractively-produced game. The board is bright and colorful and the tiles are chunky and solid, with a great feel and a satisfying weight. Jess: Yeah, absolutely! As pasted-on themes go, this one is definitely pretty. Usually I don't go for abstract games, but the look of Seikatsu really drew me in. Seikatsu's board depicts the gardens surrounding the central koi pond, and each game begins with tiles randomly placed on the starter spaces. These tiles form the beginnings of your beautifying efforts, and on each turn players will place a single tile from the two they hold in hand, drawing back up to two once they've done so. Even the