Jess's Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 9/8/17 | Gameosity
As the week rounds out, my Kickstarter list ramps up! Let's check out what caught my eye in the past few days! 1. The Networks: Executives I love Gil's original game The Networks and recently he stopped by Gameosity HQ to show us the new expansion for the game: Executives. In executives each player will choose one of the new Network Executive cards. That character will help influence how they play the game as they all have you now have unique powers and goals. There are also Season 0 cards now that you can draft. This means that your starting line-up will give you different bonuses and help you start envisioning what kind of crazy shows you want to sign onto your Network. The last exciting addition is mogul cards. These cards are like bigger, better Network cards, which give you bonuses in the game. Mogul cards will be earned if you get certain genre bonuses and can give you humongous bonuses. When we played it was obvious that this expansion gives The Networks a ton of replayability