Vegas Wits & Wagers Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
The original Wits & Wagers does something really interesting for a party-style trivia game - It doesn't really punish you for having no idea what the answers are to its questions. Instead, points are made by betting on which team's answer is closest to correct without going over. It's a simple idea that results in a really accessible, fun big group game that basically anyone can play, and that's great! But up on Kickstarter right now, Vegas Wits & Wagers adds a TON of excitement to the already-enjoyable base game, in the form of expanded betting options, bigger point swings, and some really awesome (and appropriately deluxe) components. Come join us as we check out a Kickstarter preview of Vegas Wits & Wagers! **Kickstarter Prototype heads up - Our photos are either of a pre-production (but gorgeous) prototype or stolen from the Kickstarter page** In Vegas Wits & Wagers, each round will see a question asked to the group. These questions are from all different kinds