Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Review | Gameosity
So to be perfectly honest, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle completely took us off-guard. We hate to be negative (I mean, except maybe for Rob), but games based on big intellectual properties aren't, and when we heard that USAopoly was set to publish, well, we were concerned. USAopoly had, at the time, a fairly safe catalog of games, none of which seemed particularly groundbreaking. Jess: Good news! They really did a fantastic job with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle! Andrew: Absolutely, yes. We were worried that the game would either be lazy, trading on J.K. Rowling's massively popular source material, or it would be needlessly simplistic, since USAopoly had to know that the HP name alone would sell units to people who had no idea what a deck builder even was. Fortunately, it was neither of these things. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle is, interestingly, an evolving game, designed to be played in parallel with the books of the Harry Potter series. The first book,