Chemistry Fluxx Review | Gameosity
Ok, so, real talk for a second. We rag on Fluxx a bit. Which is a bit of a surprise to me, actually - there was a time, back in college, when this small box game of ever-shifting goals and rules was among our game night staples. But time, and exposure to more rich, satisfying games from all over the hobby, have, admittedly, dulled our appreciation for this odd little duck of a game. Andrew: But there was something about the art of Chemistry Fluxx that grabbed my attention. Somehow, this bookish cover intrigued me with its retro aesthetic, and got me to consider; if any single theme would make the Fluxx formula work - of chaotic rules changes and odd set collection - then chemistry might just be it. Jess: And did it? Andrew: Well, yes!...and no. But mostly yes. For the uninitiated, Fluxx and its many variants start with a simple rules premise - draw one card, then play one card. Whatever the card you play says, you must do. Some of these cards are Keepers, cards that sit in your