Donner Dinner Party Review | Gameosity
When I attended Book Expo this year I wasn't expecting to find many games, but Chronicle Books surprised me. This book publisher has started also producing games; some predictable like trivia, tarot decks, and Cat Lady Old Maid, but then you get a more modern, hobby-level game like Donner Dinner Party. Werewolf-esque in almost every way, asdf works like this. You are the unfortunate pioneers of the Donner party, trapped in the mountains with a dwindling supply of food. You must try to survive until help arrives, but some of you may be more interested in eating each other than hunting. There are 2 types of roles, "Cannibal" and "Pioneer". You will add a number of cannibals to the deck of roles based on the number of players (for 4 players you have 1 cannibal, 5-6 players will have 2, etc...). Each turn, players will be donating hunting cards to the group. There are 5 types: Fish: feeds 1 player Squirrels: feeds 2 players Poison: renders all fish & squirrels inedible Medicine: