World Championship Russian Roulette Review | Gameosity
Ok, so, you'd be forgiven for finding the subject-matter in World Championship Russian Roulette a bit morose. Any game that has a phase in which you make a gun with your hand and place it against your own temple is never going to be for everyone. But if you can embrace the absurdity of the game's core conceit, that you are the captain of a team who has made it to the titular World Championship round of a Russian roulette tournament, then what we have here is a tense, fast card game with fantastic presentation, simple mechanics, and the potential for a really raucous good time. The teams have assembled...Get a mop. The goal of each player in World Championship Russian Roulette is as simple as it gets - don't die. Running contrary to this most sensical imperative is the fact that, each round, players will all load their fictional firearms with a single bullet, place it against their theoretical temple, and start pulling the trigger. Each player starts with an identical deck of 7