Jess's Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 7/7/17 | Gameosity
7/7/17 must mean something... It totally means today is Friday Favs! 1. Trash Pandas - the card game Dungeon delving, I mean trash bin delving raccoons in search of treasure? Yes please! Trash Pandas is a push-your-luck/ set collection game for 2-4 raccoons or players. You'll be collecting up trash to be used in point scoring sets or for their abilities. It looks simple, fun, and the art is hilarious. Check out Trash Pandas on Kickstarter here! 2. Habitats 2nd edition Josh introduced me to Habitats and I love this game although I am totally bummed out that the new version will not have the tiny ceramic animals. In Habitats you are building a zoo where the animals will score points if their enclosures are near other enclosures of specific types. For example the Kingfisher wants to be next to a water enclosure and the Salamander wants 2 forest tiles. In the picture above, those animals are satisfied by the set