Barenpark Review | Gameosity
Barenpark is a delightful little game. This light tile placement filler has players each constructing their own theme park, focusing on guest amenities, food establishments, and carefully balancing several - look, all of that was a lie. It's all about the bears, people! Jess: I'm in! Josh: Heck yeah, sign me up! From these bearful components, you will assemble your park! In Barenpark, each player starts with a base tile, which represents their bear-themed park in potentia. Each turn, players will place one of their tiles on their board and, depending on what symbols they cover, they will gain access to either more tiles or even additional boards. As you begin covering icons on your starting board, you'll quickly gain access to more interestingly-shaped pieces and even extra boards. Covering a wheelbarrow nets you a basic park shape of your choice. Useful for plugging gaps, these bearless tiles are simply fillers. Covering a cement mixer gives you access to larger, more bearish