51st State: Master Set Review | Gameosity
51st State: Master Set represents something truly interesting - an evolution of a game's core mechanics across multiple retail releases. First appearing as 51st State, then being expanded and refined over the course of several expansions, and then appearing completely re-themed and retuned as Imperial Settlers, designer Ignacy Trzewiczek has finally brought his design full-circle, in the form of 51st State: Master Set. Jess: But while it's really cool that Ignacy has continued to refine and evolve the game for so long, we're not really going to talk much about that. Andrew: Yeah. The truth is we're late to this party, having only played Imperial Settlers once and never having played the original. Instead, we're going to focus on 51st State: Master Set as its own thing, rather than judging or comparing it to its previous incarnations. Jess: That said, let's take a look at the flow of this card drafting/tableau building/resource management post-apocalyptic powerhouse! Trade deals