They Who Were 8 Review | Gameosity
So this one really bums me out. The last time I reviewed a game by Todd Sanders, an incredibly prolific one-man-band of a designer, I was checking out Odin Quest, a game that absolutely captured my interest on first sight and has been a favorite solitaire title since. When I saw the art for They Who Were 8, I was once more engaged, deeply curious about what kind of game there would be beneath the stark aesthetic and the tantalizing fragments of storyline. And unfortunately, the answer wasn't what I hoped it would be. The gods gather, and there is both glory and tragedy to be had...and tokens to push around. They Who Were 8 is a game that, at its core, has some unique concepts going on. In the main version of the game (which is to say the 3-4 player non-team setup, more on all this later), players will each represent 2 gods. These gods will form partnerships with the gods of the players to their left and right, meaning that each player is part of two teams. While this implies a