Portal of Heroes Review | Gameosity
Portal of Heroes is a game that checks a lot of boxes on my 'I'm a sucker for' list. It's a small-box game with minimal components that cleverly makes use of cards in multiple ways. The art is vibrant and the gameplay is quick and easy to pick up, featuring a good mix of strategy and randomness. Add to that the fact that it's portable and filler-length, and what you have is a no brainer addition to my standard game night load-out. Portal of Heroes is a card game that focuses on set collection as its primary mechanic. There are two kinds of cards - Pearl cards, which show number values between 1 and 8, and Character/Diamond cards (depending on which side they are face up). Pearl cards are used to activate Characters, while activated Characters give victory points and often powers besides. We'll get to Diamonds later. All set for 2. Took about 25 seconds. Love that! Setup is simple enough - shuffle both decks separately and place a few cards of each face-up in an offer. Each