Dairyman Review | Gameosity
Moo, moo!! Milk a cow, produce some milk! So starts the instructions for Dairyman, a dice-chucking push your luck filler from Tasty Minstrel Games and Homosapiens Labs. Jess: A PYL dice filler, you say? I was wondering if we'd ever get around to playing something like this. Andrew: Look, I'm a simple man with simple tastes. Jess: Well, I'm not going to give you too hard a time here - Dairyman is charming and fun!...and sometimes a real kick in the teeth. Andrew: Yeeaaah, that's true. But mostly charming and fun! Mechanically, Dairyman is soft-serve at best (the joke here is that it's not hard, and also that there's ice cream in the game. Look, Mark Twain I ain't). Essentially, players start their turn with a pile of dice, which they will roll in an attempt to make sets of two or three dice that add up to exactly 10. Each time you roll, you are locking your dice beneath a barn tile, and every time you successfully lock a 10, you can either stop or keep rolling, or keep