Order of the Gilded Compass Review | Gameosity
Ok, so I'm a sucker for dice games. If you read Gameosity, you probably know this. However, that's not to say that I like all dice games. For every Las Vegas, where the dice add exciting randomness and are smartly used to support meaningful choices, there are a dozen games that just have you plunk down a d6 or two without ever making things more fun for it. Thankfully, Order of the Gilded Compass falls firmly in the former category. An area-influence/dice placement game at heart, in Order of the Gilded Compass, each player is a treasure hunter, looking for an invitation to join the titular Order. They will do this by securing artifacts, exploring dig sites, and form alliances with individuals of incredible power and influence... Jess: All done, of course, by rolling and assigning dice. Andrew: Naturally. The theme is completely pasted on, but it's a nice theme, so no complaints. Each turn, players will toss their handful of six-siders and then assign dice to one of the