Sailing Towards Osiris Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
With over two weeks to go on its campaign and very nearly funded, Sailing to Osiris is a worker placement game set after the passing of the great Pharaoh . The players will erect monuments in the late leader's honor over the course of four seasons, as the funerary barge approaches the great pyramid. **Kickstarter prototype advisory! - We received this very well-made prototype from the folks at Daily Magic for this preview. Final components not shown, but knowing them, will be awesome** Jess: So, its a game all about honoring a great king? Andrew: Nah, it's a game about squabbling governors vying for power. Jess: it's a cut-throat game of political intrigue? Andrew: Nopers. It's all about decorating a river. Jess: See, that I can get excited about! In Sailing to Osiris, 2-5 players will act as these governors, controlling workers to gather resources and build monuments. The game, played over 4 rounds, features several possible actions available to each player, and