Dozen's Donuts Review | Gameosity
Rob: What even is this game? The rules booklet is only two pages. Diana: Something about donuts, I guess. I dunno, let's just get this done so we can work on the review. *Ten Minutes Later* Diana: Why is this game so much fun? Rob: I don't know! Diana: Wanna play again? Rob: Yes! Time to flip the donuts. Dozen's Donuts, from Monocle Society (not gonna lie, I kinda love that name), is basically a simple tile-matching memory game about donuts. Basically. Of course as with most games that are deceptively entertaining there are a few twists to the familiar formula that make it far more compelling. Players are faced with a 4x4 grid of donuts, with the goal of flipping said donuts over in the hops of finding a matching pair. Sounds familiar, I bet. Of course it does. However, in addition to the simple act of matching pairs there are also things like turn-ending stale donuts, wild card-esque gold donuts, power-up donuts that let players draw a power-up napkin card, shifting donuts, and