New Slap Game Card Castle Hits Kickstarter | Gameosity
Let's get into a slap fight! Jess: No not that kind. I'm talking reflex card games. Shel Games has launched the Kickstarter campaign for Card Castle, a slap-happy game for 2-8 players. The point of the game is to grow your army by being the first to slap specific cards and card combinations. Each player beings a game of Card Castle with a pile of face down cards. Taking turns, players will flip cards face-up on the table, trying to beat the previously played card. If the card being played matches the one beneath it (or is a door or wizard card), the first player to slap the pile takes all the cards in the stack and adds them to their army. Don't get too slap-focused though. There are some cards that look pretty similar, but are not exact matches and you don't want to slap the dragons. They get ornery. Players who mis-slap, must discard their top Army card to the bottom of the Card Castle. Play continues until one player has all the cards. In games with 3 or more players, anyone who