Updated Prizes! Let's Party With a Birthday Giveaway! | Gameosity
Update: We've just added Avalanche at Yeti Mountain donated by our wonderful friend Matt Wolfe! Also, because we've had so many donations we are adding a fourth chance to win! Jess: Guess what everyone? Its Birthday Giveaway time again! Every year to celebrate my birthday I like to give back to all our fans because Gameosity fans are the best! This year I'm giving away a variety of games kindly donated by a variety of companies to 3 of you wonderful people. So far the winnings are: Dragoon (the Gold Edition!) from Lay Waste Games Avalanche at Yeti Mountain by Matt Wolfe Star Trek Panic, Telestrations After Dark, and Munchkin: Marvel from USAopoly Virulence Kickstarter Edition with Genetically Engineer Virus and the Zombie Virus Cards by John Coveyou (GotGeniusGames) New Bedford with the Rising Tide expansion and Time Management, Trick Taking, and Traitor Mechanic by Dice Hate Me Games CV and Mythe from Passport Game Studios Tak, Kill Doctor Lucky, and Stuff and Nonsense from