Interview with Matt Lees at GDC | Gameosity
During my visit to the Game Developers Confrence (GDC) I had a chance to sit down with Matt Lees of the popular board game site, Shut Up & Sit Down. We got to chatting about the conference, the board game industry, bears, and SU&SD's Kickstarter for their Monikers expansion. Sadly, my microphone got screwed up, so I've transcribed the interview below. Jess: Hi Matt. Thanks for taking the time to chat. I heard GDC was much more about video games. Why does SU&SD come to GDC? Matt: Well we've been here for 3 years and basically the person who was running it before, Eric Zimmerman, one of the guys from NYU, was running it as a showcase of board games made by video game designers. After a few years of running it he said 'You know, I don't want to do this anymore. I know the guys who should do it!' So he got in touch with us and said 'You guys can do it'. We try and add a slant on it. What we do is we showcase 10 games from the past year that are of interest of people who are