5 Great Games for Younger Gamers | Gameosity
Gamers, awesomely, come in all shapes and sizes. However, what is fantastic table-fodder for your crew of game night regulars may not be ideally suited for families with a wunderkind or two. No matter! There are a ton of games perfectly suited to be both fun for younger players and still more than entertaining enough to keep their older counterparts entertained alongside them! ROX When we hit GenCon last year, we got to see a ton of fun games. But the game that we kept playing, the game that was always in our backpacks, was Rox from HABA. With no literacy requirement and a very simple premise, it's good for younger gamers, but that didn't stop us from playing it every time we had a few minutes to kill. The race is simple, first to complete a row of 6 cards wins. The hitch is that each card should only be followed by a card of the color most prevelant on the previos one. With young players, it could be an easy counting and color matching game, but it ramps up as everyone plays