Mysterium is Haunting the Digital World – Win a Copy of it for Steam! | Gameosity
It's here! The port of Mysterium has manifested on Steam, iOS, and Android today. Asmodee Digital and Playsoft have been working hard to bring the award-winning, social deduction game to digital life. Even more great news: We're giving away a couple copies in our contest below! Created by Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko, the game is a murder mystery with a spooky twist. A ghost is trying to communicate details of a murder to a group of psychics. One player takes on the role of the ghost and uses images to convey information. It is up to the other players to interpret the images correctly and guess what information the ghost is trying to tell them (the weapon, location, and identity of the murderer). "Mysterium was born out of love for the dark and unsettling, which the paranormal world perfectly encapsulates" says Alexandre David, Asmodee Digital Product Manager. "Our aim was to create a flawless digital adaptation for the fans and at the same time devise a mysterious and