Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Games to Introduce to Your Family | Gameosity
Ah, holidays. A time to gather with family and friends for feasting and fun. Board games are a fantastic way to bridge gaps and enjoy quality time together while dinner warms in the oven, but getting your family to try new games might just be like trying to get pants on a badger. Do not attempt to pants a badger at home. Badger pantsing should only be conducted by a professional. To make the transition smooth this year, here are 10 newer style games to try according to classic tastes. Feel like breaking out Monopoly? Give Jamaica a chance instead If your folk like a good old roll-and-move game, Jamaica will add a little excitement to your evening. Instead of plodding around a board tripping over money bear traps your opponents have laid for you until everyone is broke, bored, or otherwise disengaged, Jamaica is an exciting race. Everyone takes control of their very own pirate ship and must steer their vessel wisely around the island of Jamaica in order to reach the finish line with