Digital Mysterium and Potion Explosion Delayed | Gameosity
Jess: Digital board games are a fun way to play with friends who live far away. I really enjoy many of the digitizations that have come out lately, so it sucks to hear that Asmodee Digital has announced that Mysterium and Potion Explosion's move to digital has been delayed Until early next year. The full launch of Mysterium and Potion Explosion will be coming Q1 2017, and will include all the previously announced in-game features. While it's disappointing, hopefully it means that they are taking the care needed to provide high quality ports of these great games. If you haven't played Potion Explosion check out our Game in a Minute on it and see what the original game is like, before the digital one comes out. For more news about the upcoming release you can follow AsmodeeDigital on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.