Preview Smash Up on Steam and Enter to Win an Expansion! | Gameosity
Smash Up is an area-control, shufflebuilding card game from Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). Recently, AEG and Nomad Games released an early access digital version on Steam and we had a chance to check it out. Fair warning! The game is still being built. There are a few bugs, there are limited options, and the whole game may change before its full release. The starter pack for the game gives you 3 factions Dinosaurs, Ninjas, and Geeks, but once it launches, AEG says they will also include Pirates, Robots, Wizards, and Tricksters. You can also invest a few dollars to unlock Aliens and Zombies. My game included the expansion pack so you'll see some Aliens and Zombies mixed in. Just like in the card game, you will have a deck of cards from which you will be dealt a hand. Each turn you can play a minion card and an action card. There are three bases on deck for you to vie for control over. To get control of a base you'll play minions on it until the minion strength reaches or exceeds