Go on an Epic Kickstarter Adventure With Tiny Epic Quest! | Gameosity
Hot potato! Gamelyn Games has once again created a Tiny Epic Game that is burning through Kickstarter like a wildfire! Tiny Epic Quest has crushed its goal and is now rampaging through its stretch goals. The game is a 1-4 player sandbox adventure. Each player will control their group of intrepid adventurers on a quest to beat up monsters, learn kickass spells, and loot epic magic items! After five rounds the game ends and whichever group gains the most points from their adventures wins! The game is played in two phases: Day & Night. During the day, you'll have limited-action-selection, grid-style movement, and a chance to solve puzzles to gain benefits like advancing on the magic track or gaining health. During the night, you will try to accomplish the tasks by rolling dice. You'll be gambling with your health with each task you attempt so you can either score big or crash and burn (losing your progress for the round), but the rewards you gain might just be worth the risk. Tiny