Wordsy Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
Gil Hova, the mastermind behind smash hit The Networks (as well as Bad Medicine and Battle Merchants) is at it again, this time retooling his classic Prolix by removing some of the fuss to create Wordsy, a wordsmithing game for 1-6 players now live on Kickstarter! "Unabridged" is actually pretty funny here, given how quick this game can flow. **Kickstarter Prototype Heads Up - We were sent a prototype copy of Wordsy. Pictures are of that proto and everything is subject to change (but probably won't)** Wordsy is a real-time racing spelling game, which, honestly, is a combination of terms that is probably enough to send me into some mild fits under most circumstances (despite being Gameosity's editor, I can only spell when I am writing and I don't love chasing the clock). However, Wordsy manages to do all of these things in a really smart, really fresh way, easily bypassing all my anxiety and letting me get right into...why are you writing already? Jess: Because I'm done with my word