Beneath Nexus Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
Beneath Nexus, the first outing from Silverclutch Games, has just funded on Kickstarter. With just about 2 days left in its campaign, this asymmetrical card game for 3-6 players promises a unique dungeon crawling experience, where one player takes on the role of one of the sinister Blight Lords, bent on destruction, and the rest of the players each become one of the heroes of Nexus, trying to stop the Blight Lord at any cost. Touting absolutely fantastic art and aesthetic, does Beneath Nexus deliver on its promise, or is it better off buried? Read on to find out! **Kickstarter Prototype Alert - Our copy was sent to us for preview by Silverclutch Games. All components subject to revision** In Nexus, heroes face off against the mighty Blight Lords. Each player in Beneath Nexus will have their own unique deck of cards to manage their abilities. The four Blight Lords all have distinct flavors; spawning lots of monsters, dealing direct damage to the heroes, or manipulating cards in