Underlings of Underwing Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
**Edit: It's up now! Check out the Underlings of Underwing Kickstarter here!** Going up on Kickstarter August 25th, Underlings of Underwing is a new game from Alisha Volkman, Stephen Slota, and Kevin Ballestrini. In it, a whopping 2-6 players will take on the roles of would-be DragonLords, each trying to claim and hatch the most valuable stable of dragons from the eggs which are ready to hatch! **Kickstarter Prototype Realness - These photos are from our prototype, provided for our preview. Nothing is final!** Good game design is often aided by good player mats. These are excellent! Jess: Since this is a Kickstarter preview, we'll spend a little more time than usual going over the rules, though Underlings of Underwing is actually a mechanically straightforward game. At its core, UoU (is that an ok abbreviation? I hope so) is a worker placement and set collection hybrid, with some color theory to add complexity. Generally speaking, each player uses their workers to gather