Baseball Highlights: 2045 Mobile Review | Gameosity
Right. Well. Let's get this over with. Some of you might recall that I freaking adored the Baseball Highlights: 2045 Super Deluxe edition. It's a great game that plays quickly, offers plenty of team customization, and it's baseball with robots and cyborgs in it (side note: bring BaseWars back, please!). Baseball Highlights: 2045, the mobile game, is technically the same thing but ported to mobile devices. It's something I should be excited about - and I was when I first learned of its existence - but presentation can sometimes make or break a game. Guess what it does here? The card artwork is still quite nice. As this is a port of the vanilla version of the game, it's lacking all of the expansions found in the Super Deluxe edition. This is fine, really. There are still plenty of players to recruit and plenty of cyborg baseball action to be had. What might be disappointing to some is that there's no option to set up a game with more than two players. Granted I've never been fond of the