Hero Realms Kicks off Its Adventure On Kickstarter! | Gameosity
The masters of deck-builders, White Wizard Games, have just released the Kickstarter campaign for Hero Realms. In the same vein as Star Realms, this game will be a deck builder for 2-4 players, but this time around you can gain experience and level up your character during exciting fantasy campaigns! In the base game of Hero Realms, each player will start with a generic deck of cards and, in keeping with the winning Star Realms formula, they will set about gathering cards from the center offer, growing a unique deck as the game progresses, trying to knock out the opposing player before they can be defeated. Andrew: Star Realms, spoilers, is one of my absolute favorite games to play 2-player, and Hero Realms is tuned to play even faster, with economic and attack acceleration built into the base decks. Beyond the basics, White Wizard is also releasing 5 Character Packs as part of their Kickstarter. Each player will get to choose a character from the 5 classes: Cleric, Fighter, Ranger,