Linkage: A DNA Card Game Review | Gameosity
In all honesty, I was actually pretty sure I'd have fun with designer John J Coveyou and publisher Genius Games' Linkage: A DNA Card Game. I love me some a-typical theming in my board games (as is probably obvious by now), and we really had a good time with his other sciency offerings, Peptide and ION. Constructing RNA/DNA chains is right up my decidedly bizarre alley, and this is a small box game, which is always a plus in my book. So it was kinda disappointing to come away from the game with an overwhelming sense of "meh." Match your card color with the "haze" at the bottom of the DNA cards. Like all of Genius Games' science-based offerings, Linkage is functionally quite easy to pick up and play, despite being about genetic manipulation on a molecular level. It's a simple matter of playing RNA cards that match whatever DNA card is revealed at the beginning of a round (it's simple color-matching, really). This won't always be possible, however, as your hand may be decidedly lacking