Evolution Review | Gameosity
You know, for a while I've been hearing that Evolution - from designers Dominic Crapuchettes, Dmitry Knorre, and Sergey Machin, and publisher North Star Games - was an excellent game. Problem is there's no solo option, which is pretty much an instant "no buy" for me, so I was never able to try it out for myself. Well, that and my adoration of Bios Megafauna made it difficult to justify buying another "evolution gone wacky" board game. Anyway, thanks to Andrew's acquisition of a copy (and insistence that I stop talking about Bios), I've finally been able to give Evolution a go. It definitely deserves all the praise - and yes, now I know it's really nothing like Bios Megafauna. Gather 'round the watering hole! First off I have to admit that this game isn't anywhere near as heavy as I was expecting - my prior experience with similarly-themed games is probably to blame there. But seriously, despite having to do with the evolution of multiple species and all that "survival of the fittest"