Blogosity #2 – On Captain America & That Time I Was A Jerk On The Internet | Gameosity
Hi! Welcome to Blogosity, my sometimes-weekly blog on all things gaming and geeky...I swear I didn't mean for that to rhyme. This was going to be a post about how storytelling is a game mechanic that I really love, and how it appears in various board and tabletop games. I was going to wax philosophical about storytelling techniques and give my perspective on various techniques I have learned (and stolen) over the course of my decade plus of being a GM of various roleplaying systems. And maybe I will post that issue sometime soon. But right now, I have to talk about something else. Something that is related to being a good storyteller and a good GM. Actually, maybe the most important thing. I want to talk about this. No Photoshop was used here...just the snipping tool. Ok, some quick background on me, as it relates. I'm not a comics guy. I've never been one to buy issue after issue of a comics line. Of course I know all the big names, but I only own a handful of trades, as