Blogosity #1 – Playing Well Together | Gameosity
Hi! I'm Andrew! If you read Gameosity, you probably recognize me (or at least my little writer icon) from when I pipe in during our reviews (usually to inject something incredibly witty or whatever. It's no big deal). Normally, I'd be here to tell you about some awesome new game or to help Jess deliver the news or whatnot. But today, I have something different in mind. I want to introduce Blogosity! Blogosity is going to be our 'show-within-a-show' series of articles. Predominantly, it will be my meandering thoughts on gaming (though I expect the others will certainly chime in...I've yet to figure out how to stop them), be it board games, tabletop roleplaying, video games or, well, whatever crosses my geeky little mind. At this particular moment, Peanut is what is crossing my mind. 'I wish he'd get up' is what is crossing Peanut's mind. And for this first issue, I was inspired by two games I got to play this past weekend, The Grizzled from Cool Mini Or Not and Death Angel from