UPDATE! Happy Birthday To YOU! Join Jess' Annual Birthday Game Raffle! | Gameosity
The winners are here! Congrats to Kellen Freeman, Aaron Graff, Brian Chow, Nathan Runnells, and Lisa Spooner! You guys are getting some fantastic games! Let's party! Also everyone who entered sent us some great board game names. Some of my favorites are: "Traaaaains iiiiiin Spaaaaaace" I had to make a pic for this one. "Hoarders the game of getting to the bathroom in time." I really don't want to know what we are "Hording"... "Cave Canum: Players control groups of fleas on a dog." This one was really original and it makes me itchy just thinking about it. "Goat Hugger: Hug goats, score goat points, win goats!" Cuteness award! "Find the Foxes" I see someone knows I love foxes. "Train a Dogcat - you need to train a dogcat hybrid via worker placement" I am so confused. "Crabby Cakes. You play crabs making cakes underwater for prizes." I can't stop thinking about Crab Bakeries now. "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galatica: The Game, do I need to say more?" Once again I am very confused. "City