Hostage Negotiator – Abductor Pack 1 & 3 Review | Gameosity
If you haven't read our review of Hostage Negotiator - from designer A.J. Porfirio and publisher Van Ryder Games - you can check that out here. Maybe also consider buying it because it's a great solitaire game. Anyway, that's not what you're here to read about, right? I'm supposed to be telling you about two of the game's expansions, referred to as Abductor Packs. The short version is that they add even more antagonists/scenarios to an already rather robust solo game. Some may feel more essential than others, but each pack is so affordable you won't regret simply grabbing all of them. Here we go again. First, a brief refresher: Hostage Negotiator puts you in the aviators and five-o-clock shadow of a hostage negotiator (naturally) for an unspecified police department. Someone has taken hostages and it's your job to rescue as many of them as possible, as well as either capture or neutralize their captor. In practice this means coping with a deck full of almost always terrible events,