It's a Pope-Off in Scott Almes' House of Borgia! | Gameosity
Who will be the next Pope? Well the Borgia family is helping a few Cardinals do everything in their power to get themselves a big fancy hat of their very own! Whomever controls the spice controls the Pope... Wait, I think I mixed up my quotes... Scott Almes, the man behind the Tiny Epic series, is Kickstarting his new game House of Borgia. It is a dice game for 2-6 players that uses hidden roles to compete for influence. The Cardinals will be laid out between the players and actions will be played on them to change their influence level. You will manipulate the Conclave with things like bribes, poison, and nasty rumors, but if anyone sorts out which Cardinal you are supporting, the jig will be up, and you won't be able to win. If you make it to the end of the game and control the Cardinal who has the most influence, you win! Jess: I'm a big fan of Scott's games and he always manages to pack a ton of fun into his Tiny Epic series, so I have high hopes that this will be a light, fun