Police Precinct (Second Edition) Review | Gameosity
Police Precinct - from designer Ole Steiness (who recently created the awesome Champions of Midgard) and publisher Common Man Games - is kind of a miraculous combination of elements that probably shouldn't work all that well together, but somehow totally do. It feels sort of like Pandemic or Flash Point, but with a theme that evokes something akin to Law & Order and CSI. Plus there might be a dirty cop mucking things up for everybody. That's always a possibility. There are a lot of tokens and other components, but the board is definitely the biggest thing in the box. The gist is that you and the rest of the cops in your department have been put on a special task force in order to solve a high-profile murder case. The problem is that the governor isn't too keen on the idea, so you have a very small window of opportunity to pull it off before he axes the whole thing and the bad guy gets away. So you and up to five friends (presumably) have to work together in order to get the job