Baseball Highlights: 2045 (Super-Deluxe Edition) Review | Gameosity
I'm one of those game nerds who's seriously not into real world sports. Never really have been and probably never will be. But if you go from real world to something weird - like say playing football in the Warhammer universe - then you've got my interest. This is almost entirely why I'm currently writing about Baseball Highlights: 2045 - a sort of mini-deck builder for one to four players, from designer Mike Fitzgerald and publisher Eagle Games. Or heck, it's pretty much why I even tried it in the first place. It's vintage (1920s-30s style) baseball with robots and cyborgs. I mean come on! Don't let the four player boards fool you - it's best with two. I honestly didn't even know that Baseball Highlights: 2045 was a thing until I found it during a random search for solitaire-friendly board games to buy. Even then I probably wouldn't have bothered looking into it if not for that ridiculously awesome box art. But once I saw that it was essentially like the old NES game Base Wars