Thieves! Review | Gameosity
Thieves!, from Richard de Rijk and Calliope Games, is a light bluffing and card collecting game for the whole family, especially if your whole family is a bunch of loot-hoarding snitches who will sic the cops on you the second you have, like, two loot cards. Jess: Harsh! Andrew: ... Jess: ...okay, also accurate. Loot cards for the claiming. Just watch out for those pesky cops! Clear icons supported by a little cheat card. We love that! Thieves! is a very family-friendly game which, despite it's tiny box size, plays 3-6 very well. Having just pulled off a big heist, your goal is to be the thief with the biggest pile of treasure at the end of the game. Of course, the cops are on your tail, and it's every thief for themselves! Each turn, players will draw up to their full hand size of 4 cards, and then play a card. There are several different kinds of cards, each one playing slightly differently, but not nearly so many as to create confusion. Loot cards range in points from 0 to