Tiny Epic Western Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
Tiny Epic Western, the latest installment in the Tiny Epic series by Scott Almes and Gamelyn Games, joins the impressive ranks of Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Tiny Epic Defenders, and Tiny Epic Galaxies. Coming to Kickstarter on January 11th (we will provide links as soon as it's up), Tiny Epic Western is undoubtedly the most ambitious Tiny Epic game to date, striving to combine worker placement, area control, gambling, dice-driven shootouts, variable player powers, and high theme penetration into a cohesive whole. How well does it work and, much more importantly, is it any fun? **The KS is now live and well overfunded!** Andrew: Look, I know it sort of ruins the momentum of a review to slap our opinions down right at the top, but go back this one. Just do it. If you're reading this before the 11th, go to your calendar, make a note for yourself, and then come back and read the rest of my review. If you're reading this after the 11th, I want you to go to the Kickstarter page, back it, and