Wok On Fire Gets Sizzling On Kickstarter Soon! | Gameosity
Grab your chopsticks and get ready, Green Couch Games is sending their card game, Wok on Fire, to Kickstarter this February. Wok on Fire was originally self-published by designer, Poki Chen for the 2015 Tokyo Game Market. green Couch managed to get the English language rights for the game so that more people can enjoy the food flipping madness. The game is a mix of dexterity and set collection as you use a spatula card to flip ingredient cards in a central pile. This forms the wok and players can add more ingredients or form combos until the ingredient deck runs out. Whomever has the most delicious (and high scoring) combos wins. You can check out the Wok on Fire English rulebook here for more info about the game. It is a quick game for 2-4 players and comes with 4 smiling spatulas, 4 reference cards, and 50 ingredient cards. The adorable art comes from Poki Chen and graphic designer, Adam P. McIver. Jess: I love adorable games, so I suspect I shall heart this one, but the thing that