Champions of Midgard Review | Gameosity
Champions of Midgard, from Ole Stieness and Grey Fox Games (Conquest of Speros), is a worker placement game that combines absolutely fantastic artwork, set collection, and dice-based combat to keep 2-4 would-be Jarls entertained for around 60 minutes. With favorable comparisons being made to Lords of Waterdeep (the poster child of 'America Euro' games) and Stone Age (another fantastic WP game with dice), how does Champions of Midgard hold up? Pretty damn well, I'd say. The old Jarl of Trondheim has died, and in his absence, some serious badness has moved into town... Not your typical day at the Worker Placement farm... Champions of Midgard is a contest between the great heroes of Trondheim, each competing to earn the most Glory and therefore step into the role of the now-deceased Jarl. These champions will battle terrifying monsters and defend their hometown for the greater glory of the gods and the favor of their people! Because only one can truly call themselves the Champion of