Don't Panic! Save Christmas With These Last Minute Gifts! | Gameosity
There are precious few shopping days left before Christmas, you've allocated your workers to shopping and wrapping, but wait! Lo and behold you forgot to get that special gamer something for their stocking! Heavens to meeples! Andrew: Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap... Jess: Ah, the traditional sound of the frantic last-minute shopper... What will you do? You'll get something off our awesome stocking-stuffer list and get Amazon to overnight it to you! Flip City Tasty Minstrel Games - 1-4 players (probably best with 2), Deckbuilding, Push your luck Perfect for: Flipping enthusiasts, People with good luck, People who want to come just one more card away from winning OH COME ON! Flip City from TMG is a tiny-boxed push your luck deckbuilding game with a neat mechanic - the cards are double-sided, with each side having different benefits and drawbacks. At the heart of Flip City's gameplay is knowing when to upgrade your cards and when to flip them back. Rob did a full review of it,