A Non-Board Game Gift Guide for Board Gamers | Gameosity
Looking for some updated gift guides? Check out our most recent shopping articles here! Diana: Merry Christmas, everybody! Rob, Jessica, Andrew: Merry Christmas! Diana: Time for the annual gift exchange - bet you'll never guess what I got you all! Andrew: You got us games! Diana: But, how can you know for sure? Jessica: Think about who we are. It's games. Diana: Not necessarily. Do you see the shape of that package? It's all roundy, it could be something else. Rob: I saw you wrap the gifts. You just made odd shaped boxes out of cardboard to throw everyone off. It didn't work, give it up. Diana: But, I mean... oh whatever. Just open your gifts you fun-sucking bastards. Andrew: OOOOOO, games! Diana: Seriously, what do you get board gamers as a gift if you don't want to get them games? It's that time of year again; when the weather turns cold, the decorations go up, and all the Santas around the gaming tables make their lists. Games are a great gift, don't get me wrong, but