Biblios Review | Gameosity
Biblios, designed by Steve Finn (presumably the mild-mannered alter-ego of the intriguing Dr. Finn) and published by IELLO Games (Welcome To Dungeon), is a very cool card drafting, set collection, auction-based hand management game…but nowhere near as complicated as I make it sound, just now. It combines these game types into a unique whole, as players- Jess: Wait, why does the box look sort of like a book? Andrew: Oh, because we are playing as the heads of medieval monasteries, each competing to have the most desirable library. Jess: THIS IS A GAME ABOUT BEING A LIBRARIAN?!? Andrew: Whoa, geez, calm down! It's not about being a librarian! The game itself is actually pretty abstract, but really, because the theme is about preserving ancient tomes, it's really more about being a chief archivist rather than a- Jess: EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! This game may be hitting a *little* close to home for our own archivist... As I was saying, Biblios is a card game, combining several gameplay