An Ideal Necklace Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
An Ideal Necklace is a "Victorian grabbing and gifting" game from Flintlocks & Fancy, up on Kickstarter now. In it, 1-4 players will take on the roles of Victorian Ladies who are each trying to achieve the ideal life by ending up with the Ideal Husband and the Ideal Necklace. Our Ladies will spend their time in Charm School, purchasing and receiving necklaces, and wooing potential suitors, all the while in pursuit of their Ambition, some of which include having the most expensive necklaces, having a ruby necklace, or having at least 5 necklaces. The Ladies like them some necklaces, is what I'm saying. Andrew: So, I'll come right out and say it; even though we believe An Ideal Necklace has potential and we really wanted to like it, it was a miss for us. However, we know that Flintlocks & Fancy stands behind their game and we really want more publishers like them to keep trying new things, so we want to explain why it didn't work for us, because your group might find it