Gregory Horror Show – Collectible Game Experience Review | Gameosity
If movies, books, and games have taught me anything about spooky mansions, it's that we should never ever spend any time in them. They're full of traps, monsters wander the halls, and all sorts of other unspeakable horror awaits. If Gregory Horror Show (the "collectible card game experience") - from designer Kris Oprisko and publisher Upper Deck - has taught me anything, it's that monsters are both nutritious and delicious. Wow, this came out 13 years ago. I feel old. You may or may not have heard of it before, but Gregory Horror Show was actually a TV show once upon a time. A TV Show that had its own Gamecube game, and then apparently went on to receive a board game. Weird, huh? Well, not as weird as the monsters you're going to encounter as you wander around Gregory House. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Gregory Horror Show (insert extraneous words here) is a compact little board game with an emphasis on cards and a special game variant that relies on owning some extra minis that